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The Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival is returning in the
Fall of 2022. The Festival is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 to preserve jazz and blues music and support the female musicians who play this music.

We have produced 6 Festivals and more than 100 music events from concerts to club dates. These have included performances by more than 1000 women musicians, from the up-and-coming to multiple Grammy winners.   

Next year we are planning a 4-day arts and cultural festival at the Cathedral City Amphitheater with about 50 musicians performing against a backdrop of art, craft exhibits, demonstrations, displays and food and wine tastings. We are looking to attract 5,000 people over the 4 days.  

Businesses looking to interact with new customers are invited to join us as partners in the Festival. Ticket sales cover only half of the budget, the other half is dependent upon donors and corporate sponsors.

In addition to the live audience the event will be taped and edited and presented on the Festival website. Our on-line concerts have attracted as many as 30,000 viewers.

We would be delighted to tell you more about this exciting event.



Gail Christian

Exec. Producer, PS Women’s Jazz Festival

Cell: 310-804-8419

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Palm Springs Women's

Jazz Festival

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A 4-Day Music, Arts and Cultural Festival

  • Jazz Master Award

  • 20 Magical Musical Acts

  • Tribute to Divas

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Concert Tickets


November 10 - 14, 2022


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  • 3-Day Pass

  • Single Tickets for Thursday & Sunday

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Cathedral City Ampitheater

68526 Ave Lalo Guerrero

Cathedral City, CA

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To preserve jazz and blues music and empower the women musicians who play this music to become better known, better paid and better respected. 

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Audience Reach


Estimated live attendance 5000.

50% from California. 40% from Other States. 10% outside U.S. (map of U.S.?)

Residents of 23 states, 48 cities and 5 other countries have attended past Festivals  

On-Line Virtual Concert:  15-30,000 viewers. 


Woman on Her Phone

 “ …Fans of the genre (jazz) are more likely than other music listeners to shop at top-end stores and stay at top-end hotels.”…Nielsen Report


The Festival attracts a large number of women who are 50+ and fairly new to jazz music.

 “Boomer Women.” The “healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation of women in history.”  They are well-educated, have high incomes and make 95% of the purchase decisions in their households. (px of Boomer women)      


 60% male, 40% female and half African American. …well educated, well-heeled and well off.   

“More than any other music listener jazz fans are big spenders….”  


“They like live music more than most music listeners…. they are more responsive than others to on-line music activation and the internet may be an effective way for brands to connect with this high-end consumer.” 

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DesertSun9_24_2015 (1).jpeg

Desert Sun - 9/24/2015

Each year dozens of world-class female musicians converge on Palm Springs for a weekend of unforgettable music. The Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival

( is scheduled for October 9-11, 2015. The event brings world-class jazz artists

featuring an all-female line up to the Coachella Valley. Closing the festival on Sunday.

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Desert Sun - 8/31/2016

Palm Springs Jazz Fest

Breaking one of the last Cultural Barriers to Women

“I think that is why it’s so important to have this festival. Singers have been working in jazz practically as long as jazz has been around.

But let’s take a female saxophone

player, she doesn’t have to feel like she’s being judged against a male standard

there. Part of this experience is introducing audiences to female instrumentalists because they don’t often get an opportunity to play together on those stages. That’s why I think it’s important to not only highlight the singers but the instrumentalists as well.” ~ Sweet Baby J'ai


Desert Sun - 11/5/2017

An all-women's Jazz festival in Palm Springs is the Coachella Valley's

'Best kept Secret'

"A mostly female audience at the Palm Spring Women’s Jazz Festival thrilled to the sounds of three headliners Friday playing music recorded before they were born in Frank Sinatra's old stomping grounds at the Riviera Resort Grand Ballroom. On Saturday, a near-capacity crowd at the Annenberg Theater swayed to the neo-soul/jazz sounds of 27-year-old Kandace Springs after watching veteran R&B artist Miki Howard make her return to jazz. On Sunday morning, up to 400 more people stood and sang with the Ladies of Firm Foundation on gospel songs like “Down by the Riverside.”

Women in Jazz Allstar Band

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